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a bold new way people connect and train

How It Works

Our Mission

Our mission at +fithub is to offer you a platform to discover what works, do more of what you enjoy regularly, with people you care about.

Fitness as a Lifestyle

Regular activity can help reduce the chance of premature death in half, while making you feel better, enhancing your immune function, reducing body fat, all the good things you want from exercising.

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Coming soon for download, you can quickly and easily find, engage, and book, a session for your fitness need. Your review on class attended will help us improve your next fitness experience!

Upcoming Events

Finding enjoyable ways to exercise could not be easier. We are continually adding to our event calendar, made available to you on your chosen devices.

Be a +fithub Trainer

If you are a qualified trainer excited about helping people with their journey in health to achieve what is important to them, we want to hear from you.

For a limited time only, +fithub waives all service commissions for classes redeemed. We work hard to be your best companion helping people stay fit.

About Us

+fithub is a bold new community marketplace where people can find, book, train, and review the services we provide.

You will be able to train with a coach in a group circuit,

find a tailored exercise routine with a sport physiologist.

or experience the candlelight yoga for wellbeing with friends in cities near you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people from online to connect offline in an effort to change the way people engage in fitness.

We simplify the process, paying attention to intricate details, to delight both our trainers and consumers in immersing the end to end experience.

As a learning organization, we strive to earn the trust of our tribes. By building on a culture of honesty, transparency, and humility. We serve to bring people together to re-imagine the world we want to live in.


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